The leader and one of the founders of the Pearly Whites, a group of canid shapeshifters. He is a vicious man who values strength and power above anything else. He is merciless and difficult to make compromises with. It is unknown why his members show the intense amount of loyalty that they do -- he keeps his secrets; he is unforgiving; and he only cares for himself.


Not much is known about Hades' past before he arrived into the country. Rumours has it that he was an orphan from China who got out by selling himself to a wealthy businessman. Some said he lost everything coming into the country and had no choice but to join street gangs to make a living. There are many stories but none that can be confirmed. What they do know was that he had always been able to make a name for him in the streets; a smart and savvy brute of a man who doesn't stop until he got what he wanted. Those who knew him in his earlier days never spoke of him as fondly.

With the help of Auntie Li, a tanuki, they started their own gang that focused on buying businesses and protection racketeering. He appealed to those that were outcasted, other immigrants that did not have many options for making good amounts of money. Auntie Li had never been one for words but Hades talked to them with the same message: do a good job and I'll promise you everything you need. According to those who joined, he was good to his word.


Narcissist is the best word to describe Hades -- he is obsessed with himself and the image he created. He is very particular with how people perceive him and is known to match his outfit and eye colour down to what drink he wants to have that evening. He loves a fight and while he presents as a very cool and controlled person, once his bloodlust gets the better of him he becomes feral. He is not afraid to resort to violence to get what he wants and enjoys it when people are afraid of him.


Hades can shapeshift to any being so long as he knows how they work mechanically, destroying his previous form and rebuilding from the cell up. Because he’s so vain he tends to only stick to a few forms that he feels best suits his image of being powerful. For some reason, Hades always keeps the X-shaped scar on his cheek, as if a reminder for something that had happened in his past.

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