Loud, cheerful, bawdy — Jolyne Thunder is an tiefling cleric in her 30s who loves a good joke. She has no sense of volume control and is always overly eager to help as she wants to be a good person. Big bimbo energy, kinda like Starfire from Teen Titans meets Dolly Parton. Extremely forgetful, she could forget her mother if she hasn't seen them in a week.

Previously a military cleric, once the wars died down she had been bouncing around from job to job trying to make her skills fit in. She came to Waterdeep, hoping to see if there are new opportunities there as she's tired of a strife and danger filled life, especially shortly after a failed mountain rescue incident which troubles her to this day.

She’s settling into Waterdeep, currently boarding with Ishy, a dragonborn, in Southern Reach. However recently she has received word that the noble, Cassalentar, is buying out all the farms in Krypto Forest (in a very unethical way), including her own family's. Fearing that her family will become homeless and that her tiefling brother would be unsafe, she is currently trying to find a way to buy the farm back.


The oldest of three, Jolyne came from a small rural town in Vilhon Reach but managed to earn a scholarship to move to a larger academy where she took up healing magic.

Despite being a ditz, she was very well learned in matters of history and religion and soon after her studies joined the Watchers of the Fallen, an order of Helmite battlefield healers. Having joined very young, she eventually burnt herself out and was discharged after ten years of service.

She worships the deity, Helm, the God of Vigilance, as she herself comes from a family and culture of Helmite worshippers. She has two younger brothers, Atticus and Oleander.



  • Parents: Her father and mother are human farmers. Recently her father had become very ill and can no longer work the farm.
  • Atticus: 17 years old, her younger brother.
  • Oleander: 14 years old, her younger brother. A tiefling.

Waters of the Fallen Unit (no longer in contact):

  • Captain Othello: strict but fair captain of their team. He's a handsome human male who cares about people to a fault. He was in love with Jolyne in the past.
  • Vanya: surly female Aarakocra (secretary bird inspired). Often in competition with Jolyne.
  • Big Jeff: old gnomish male who likes to act like hes second in command despite the fact no one thinks so.
  • Crazy Eyed Geoff: tall elf man with a lazy eye. Talks to himself a lot. Rumoured to be half fey actually but no proof.
  • Gurdy: female minotaur who loves cooking and making recovery potions. Friends with Jolyne.
  • Millicent: female human who is perpetually exhausted. Does the report and accounting for their team and is perpetually concerned over their antics. Finds Jolyne reckless.
  • Ulat: Orc with a loud voice and a big love for fermented mare's milk. Frequent drinking buddy of Jolyne

Waterdeep (current):

  • Cassalentar: noble who is buying out her family's farm. Trying to stop him.
  • Ishy: Roommate
  • Bones: friend that she's concerned about
  • Threestrings:friend
  • Yagra Stonefist: friend


178cm tall but 182cm on account of her big ass blonde hair. She dresses pretty flashy but practical for running & handiwork (scale armour when she knows she’s going to go into a fight). Golden, sun-kissed skin, freckled. She has an eye patch over her right eye, her left eye is violet in colour.


She wields a wavy-bladed partizan etched with the symbol of Helm in gold.


Likes Dislikes
  • Music
  • History
  • Astronomy
  • Apple pie
  • Losing
  • Celery
  • The colour green
  • Operas


  • Works as a Backdoor doctor, rates range from 1-15 shards

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