Choosing Squid from the market

Look out for the following qualities in fresh squid

Cleaning Squid

  1. Detach the body from the head. This can be done by pulling on the head until it detaches or by gently cutting open the body (avoid bursting the ink sac) and removing the head and quill inside - although the second method means you can’t used the body for stuffed squid recipes or calamari rings
  2. Focusing on the removed head, locate the ink sac, pinch, and remove
  3. The rest of the guts are soft and white, remove
  4. Locate the opening in the centre of the tentacles, you can squeeze the mouth out
  5. Slice the film on the outside of the eyeballs and squeeze the eyeballs out, this may cause some mess as the fluid leaks out
  6. Turn your attention to the body, you can peel or cut the fins off
  7. Peel the skin off


Prepping Squid for cooking



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